About nūfood


Whether you are making a simple meal for the family, or hosting a dinner party for friends, the nūfood 3D printing robot can add both visual delight and flavour sensations to your food. Using a simple smartphone interface and a selection of ready-made flavour boxes, you can design and create  unique shapes, explore exciting flavour pairings and bring fun back into food.

nūfood can also add intense flavour bursts to your favourite drinks. Using your digital flavour robot, you can add individual pearls of flavour to a drink or have bespoke 3D shapes that you can pop into a cocktail.


Receive a few individually chosen flavours in the regular subscription box that arrives on your doorstep, or select what types of flavours interest you and receive a selection, or choose to receive random new flavours each month and let your creativity go wild.


We are a small, friendly and ambitious team of designers, scientists, engineers and makers. We are also curious foodies who love inventing new technologies that can enhance the dining experience, allowing us to engage with food in socially novel and creative ways.