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A kitchen robot making flavour bursts to go with food & drinks

nūfood Robot

Play with your food again! Encourage creativity with your food using our app and the nufood community to share ideas and recipes to create some truly unique dishes.

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We are planning to provide ready to use sauces, juices and cocktails, but you can always prepare your own.  We have built good friendships with our suppliers. We are also working with renowned chefs on creating super delicious tasting recipes for your dishes made with the nufood kitchen robot 3D printer.

How you can use it

“Lime layer”


Lime layer infused with doug-fir pine scent served on traditional New York cheese.


“Cheesecake 2.0”


Re-thinking the New York cheesecake with 3D printed visualisations.


“Sweet something”


A caramel and vanilla flavour

 bomb on hot chocolate with marshmallow




Pure honey from

Cambridge bees.


“Purple star”


Grape juice 3D printed into a star shape and served with Pimm’s. A popular British summer drink.




A novel way to have your

 vitamins in the morning.


“Wasabi worm”


Wasabi sauce served on sushi.


“Upside down

cheese board”


Honey bed with parmesan cheese and balsamic dressing and a dollop of pistachio paste.




Mango chutney served with paneer cheese and spices.



Salt & Wire

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We are a small, friendly and ambitious team of designers, scientists, engineers and makers. We are also curious foodies who love inventing new technologies that can enhance the dining experience, allowing us to engage with food in socially novel and creative ways.

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Rome Maker Faire is playing host to a gathering of Makers, tinkerers and open-source champions – and among them are a group of pioneers who want to change the way we think about food. In the future, 3D printers will be as common a kitchen fixture as the microwave oven, and you'll print everything from ready-made meals to fresh fruit on them.

Tesco labs


... You can customise the colour, nutritional content, texture, flavour and shape of these creations, and this technology could be applied much more widely than just within the food industry. You could use it to create personalised make-up; perfumes; easy-to-take supplements or medication for the elderly, or children…and I bet the cocktail bars in Chelsea would lap this up.

Huffington Post


...  the idea of being able to print out food like the Star Trek replicator is just one of the many applications of 3D printing technology that's coming closer to reality.  Recently at the Tech Food Hack in London, Dovetailed announced a 3D printer that can make edible fruit--or at least something akin to fruit. Now, that's not quite a full meal, but it's still a meaningful step in the direction.


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