nūfood Robot

Inspired by foodies, chefs and tech lovers we have designed and built a new type of kitchen robot that creates delicious juicy bites from a sauce, juice or liquid.  It lets you forge interesting flavours in a personalised form to enhance meals and cocktails at the click of a button.

Cutting-edge tech

This is a new technique in 3D printing. We are proud to be the inventors and we have a pending international patent. The technique differs from any other as it allows 3D structures to be built from liquid which keep their form until you bite into them and release their delicious flavours.

Ins and outs

We just use a clever way to encapsulate liquid in small droplets and then use these droplets to create a structure. We can even mix multiple liquids during the same print. For example, printing a strawberry with a strip of cream or maybe two, because one never knows how much cream or strawberry make the best combination!

Built for sharing

You can download the latest creations from renowned chefs straight onto your phone or tablet and replicate them in your kitchen with the click of a button. Using our app you can create and share your own designs effortlessly.

Designed for everyday use

The nufood robot has a small footprint, designed to fit comfortably in the smallest kitchens. It is incredibly easy to clean by placing a single part in a dishwasher. And it uses environmentally friendly refills.

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